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Underground Cable

Basics of Underground Electric Transmission Explained   The transmission of electrical power can be done overhead rather than underground using different types of transmission cables. These types of electrical power transmissions have their own benefits, pitfalls and also applications where it is frequently used. The selection of method mainly depends on the factors like cost, voltage, safety, application, etc. The overhead power transmission is cheap and the installation process is cheap. Whereas, underground power transmission is expensive and also has many advantages. The applications of this transmission mainly depend on the crowd areas as well as where the possibility of overhead power transmission is not possible. Sometimes, due to factors like physical, cost and environmental, the two types of cables are combined together for electrical power transmission. What is Underground Electric Transmission?   The electric power transmission can be done using a method like undergrounding as an alternative to overhead power transmission. These cables have low visibility and not affected by bad -weather. But, the cost of these cables is high and laying process is time-consuming instead of overhead building. The finding of faults in underground transmission lines takes much time for repairing as well as locating. In urban areas, this type of transmission is enclosed with shielded with dielectric liquid and a metal pipe that is either fixed or spread through pumps. If an electric-fault breaks the underground pipe & generates a dielectric liquid into the nearby mud, then the liquid nitrogen trucks are assembled to fix the damaged part of the pipe location. This kind of transmission cable can extend the fixed period as well as the cost of repair. The stats of the pipe and soil are monitored frequently throughout the period of repair.
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