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How to choose low voltage distribution conductor?

September 11, 2021

Latest company news about How to choose low voltage distribution conductor?

1. Copper core or aluminum core can be used for cables and wires, and copper core cables or wires should be used for civil buildings; Copper core cables or wires shall be used in the following places:

1) Flammable and explosive places;

2) Important public buildings and residential buildings;

3) Especially humid places and places with corrosion to aluminum;

4) Places where people gather more;

5) Important reference room, computer room and important warehouse;

6) Mobile equipment or places with severe vibration;

7) Other places with special regulations.

2 the insulation type of conductor shall be selected according to the laying mode and environmental conditions, and shall comply with the following provisions:

1) In general engineering, under indoor normal conditions, PVC insulated and PVC sheathed cables or PVC insulated wires can be selected; If possible, XLPE insulated power cables and wires can be selected;

2) The selection of power supply lines for fire fighting equipment shall comply with the provisions of section 13.10 of this specification;

3) For buildings with high fire protection requirements such as class I high-rise buildings and important public places, flame retardant low smoke halogen-free XLPE insulated power cables and wires or smoke-free halogen-free power cables and wires shall be adopted.

3. The insulated conductor shall meet the requirements of working voltage. The indoor laying of plastic insulated wire shall not be less than 0.45/0.75kv, and the power cable shall not be less than 0.6/lkv;

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