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Company News About Characteristics of PVC plastics used in wire and cable
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Characteristics of PVC plastics used in wire and cable

Latest company news about Characteristics of PVC plastics used in wire and cable

PVC cable plastic can be divided into insulation grade cable material and protective cable material according to its different use in wire and cable.


Types and characteristics of PVC plastics for insulation

General insulation grade: has certain electrical insulation performance, good softness, atmospheric resistance and low cost

Heat resistant insulation grade: it has better heat-resistant aging and deformation resistance, and has better electrical insulation performance

High electrical performance insulation grade: better electrical insulation performance, high insulation resistance, good dielectric performance, and certain heat resistance

Oil resistant and solvent insulation grade: it has good oil resistance, solvent resistance and softness, and good electrical insulation performance

Flame retardant insulation grade: good electrical insulation performance, high flame resistance and softness


Types and characteristics of PVC plastics for sheath

PVC plastic coating has good corrosion resistance, sufficient mechanical properties, certain atmospheric resistance, soft, vibration resistance, light weight, easy processing and laying.

General protection level: sufficient mechanical strength, heat resistance, light aging and cold resistance are good.

Good heat resistance:

Cold protection level: high cold resistance, low soft

Soft protection level: it has high softness and good cold resistance

Heat resistant protection level: good heat resistance

Oil resistant protection level: good oil resistance and chemical resistance

Easy to tear protection level: low tear resistance, easy to lay and low price

Mould, termite and rodent protection levels: good biological resistance, termite and mildew resistance

Fire retardant protection level: good combustion resistance


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