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Company News About Different types of armored cable
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Different types of armored cable

Latest company news about Different types of armored cable
Armored cables are made of conductors of different materials installed in metal casings with insulating materials, and are processed into a flexible and solid assembly. The mechanical protective layer of armored cables can increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve its corrosion resistance. It is a cable designed for areas prone to mechanical damage and erosion. It can be laid in any way, and is more suitable for direct burial in rocky areas. Armored cables are also divided into steel tape armored cables and steel wire armored cables.
1. Purpose: Steel tape armor is only used for the laying of directly buried cables or ordinary pipes, ordinary ground, tunnels, etc. The thin steel wire armor can withstand general longitudinal tension, so it is suitable for short-distance overhead laying or vertical and vertical laying. Abroad, there are more steel wire armored cables!
2. Price: The corresponding steel wire armor is more expensive. Because steel wire armor is difficult to produce and the cost is high.
3. Current-carrying capacity: There is not much difference, but they must use countermagnetic steel strips or steel wires.
4. Depending on the use environment, choose different forms of armored cables: steel tape armor can withstand mechanical pressure, and steel wire armor can withstand mechanical tension.
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