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Company News About Electrical Cable Classification and Specification
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Electrical Cable Classification and Specification

Latest company news about Electrical Cable Classification and Specification

First of all, I want to tell you why you need to know about the electrical cable classification and specification? OK, let’s consider you are an electrical engineer or a technician and it means you are on work. When you are handling that kind of responsibility then you may need to install a new machine and provide the power from your distribution board (DB BOX) to the machine inside your factory.


Of course, all new machines always come with their specific voltage rating and current consumption rate. Now you have to calculate the machine required power and the distance from your DB Box. You may ask why you need to calculate distance. Because no matter what type of cable you select, it will have a certain amount of voltage drop for each 100ft. After all the calculation, you will select the best type of cable for your new machine.


It does not matter what type of voltage you are using. It can be single phase 220V to three phases 440V, 11KV or more.


Classification of Electrical Cable:

Low Voltage or L.T Cable up to 1000V

High Voltage or H.T Cable (above 1000V to 11KV)

Super Tension or S.T Cable (above 11KV to 33KV)

Extra High Voltage or E.H.T Cable (above 33KV to 66KV)

Extra Super Voltage or E.S.T Cable (above 66KV)


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