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Company News About Features for DC Cable and AC cable
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Features for DC Cable and AC cable

Latest company news about Features for DC Cable and  AC cable

1. Different systems are used: DC cables are used in rectified DC transmission systems, and AC cables are often used in power frequency (domestic 50Hz) power systems.

2. Compared with AC cables, DC cables have less power loss during transmission.
3. High transmission efficiency and low line loss.

4. It is convenient to adjust the current and change the direction of power transmission.
5. Although the price of converter equipment is higher than that of transformers, the cost of using cable lines is much lower than that of AC cables.
6. The safety of DC cables is high:

①. The inherent characteristics of DC transmission make it difficult to generate induced current and leakage current, and will not cause electric field interference to other cables laid in the same way.

②. The single-core laying cable will not affect the transmission performance of the cable due to the hysteresis loss of the steel structure bridge.

③ Compared with DC cables with the same structure, it has higher current cut-off capability and over-interruption protection capability.

④. Apply the DC electric field and the AC electric field of the same voltage to the insulator, and the DC electric field is much safer than the AC electric field.

7. The installation and maintenance of the DC cable is simple and the cost is low.

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