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Company News About Features Of Aerial Bundled Cable
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Features Of Aerial Bundled Cable

Latest company news about Features  Of Aerial Bundled  Cable
Overhead insulated cable has the main characteristics of high power supply reliability, good power supply safety, convenient erection and maintenance and reasonable economy
1. High power supply reliability. The use of overhead cable can greatly reduce all kinds of short-circuit faults (especially the common flashover faults of overhead bare conductor), and the fault rate is 4-6 times lower than that of overhead bare conductor.
2. Good power supply security. When the overhead cable is energized, when the human body or other animals accidentally touch the cable insulation surface, as long as the cable is not broken down, it will not cause harm to people and animals.
3. Convenient erection and maintenance. Overhead cables can be erected on any kind of pole and tower or along the wall. In special cases, they can also pass through the trees and be directly fixed on the tree pole with hardware. There is no need for special patrol inspection, and there will be no short-circuit tripping accident due to branch flashover, littering by residents, or false collision of crane boom, which greatly reduces the maintenance and overhaul of the line.
4. Reasonable economy. Although the overhead cable is more expensive than the overhead bare conductor, it is cheaper than the ordinary underground installation cable. Therefore, although the one-time investment of overhead cable is slightly higher, combined with other factors, its operation cost will be significantly lower than that of overhead bare conductor.
Zhenglan Cable Technology Co., Ltd can produce different types of aerial insulated cable as per different standards inculding IEC, NFC-33109, AS NZS3560, etc.. Welcome your inquiry.
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