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Company News About How to identify inferior cables(1)?
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How to identify inferior cables(1)?

Latest company news about How to identify inferior cables(1)?

Power cables are one of the indispensable materials for power transmission and are widely used in economic production. Once a cable fails, it will not only threaten the safe and stable operation of the power grid, but also cause significant economic losses to families and society. Now there are many unqualified cables in the market that are confusing consumers' choices with fake and shoddy cables. The following will introduce the identification method of inferior cables.

1. Unqualified wires and cables


Marking is the main way to identify the basic information of products using wires and cables. According to the standard, the main contents of the mark are: product model, specification, standard, manufacturer, origin, etc. within a certain marking distance. When the mark is unqualified, it will cause Construction personnel identify errors, and in severe cases, construction personnel identify faults that can lead to electrical accidents.


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