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Company News About How to prevent electric shock in rainy days?
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How to prevent electric shock in rainy days?

Latest company news about How to prevent electric shock in rainy days?

1. There are wires in the street lamp pole. For safety, stay away from them on rainy days.
2. Construction section of the road. The road condition around the construction section is poor and complex, and the safety cannot be guaranteed. Once there are loopholes in the construction, it is easy to cause the "big scene" of "sky thunder and earth fire"
3. Power equipment. Generally, transformers and electric boxes are treated safely and are safe without active touch and climbing. However, the situation of rainstorm weather is complex, and various unexpected situations may occur. For safety consideration, please stay away from them.
What should I do after an electric shock?
1. If someone is found to be electrocuted and fall to the ground in the water, do not rush to help with your hands, and make the electrocuted person quickly get out of the power supply. When there is a power switch or socket around, pull down the switch or unplug the power plug immediately; If the power supply cannot be disconnected, use a dry wooden stick to pick up the wire on the person who gets an electric shock.
2. After an electric shock, the human body often appears "fake death". To carry out first aid for the injured by electric shock, make them lie flat on their back on the spot and ensure that the airway is unblocked. Judge whether the injured has breathing by observing whether the injured has breathing movement in the abdomen and chest corridor, or by touching whether the neck artery beats. If no breathing is found, resuscitate immediately and contact the emergency center.

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