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Company News About Importance of power cable sheath
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Importance of power cable sheath

Latest company news about Importance of power cable sheath

Power cables are widely used to transmit and distribute electric energy. They are often used in urban underground power grids, outgoing lines of power stations, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater transmission lines across rivers and seas.

The main lines in the power system are generally power cables used to transmit and distribute high-power electric energy, including 1-500kv and above voltage levels. Therefore, the quality of cable products is very important, and the quality and thickness of cable sheath are equally important.

What effect does the thickness of cable sheath have on the cable?

1. Affect the service life of power cables

The first is the environment. After the construction of power cables, they are basically buried in the ground, immersed in water, in the open air or in an environment prone to corrosion, plus the corrosion of external media for a long time, the insulation level and mechanical level of the thinnest point of the cable sheath will decline. In case of line grounding fault, the thinnest point of cable sheath may be broken down, increasing the hidden danger of safety accidents.

The other is the internal consumption of heat energy generated by cables. The cable will produce a lot of heat energy in the process of transmitting electric energy, which is a consumption of the sheath. If the thickness of the cable sheath is not enough, the copper core of the conductor will directly melt the sheath material after heating, which will cause circuit failures and other related safety problems.
2. Impact on Construction
According to the current requirements, more and more environmental requirements require that the outer diameter of high-voltage cable products must be small, and it is necessary to consider leaving gaps in the laying process, so as to dissipate the heat generated by the cable after it is powered on. The thickness of the sheath is too thick, which will increase the difficulty of laying, so the thickness of the cable sheath must strictly comply with the relevant national standards, otherwise it cannot protect the cable conductor.

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