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Company News About Power transmission steps
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Power transmission steps

Latest company news about Power transmission steps

Transmission process

The transmission of electric energy, together with power transformation, distribution and consumption, constitutes the overall function of the power system. Through power transmission, the power plants far away (up to thousands of meters) are connected with load centers, so that the development and utilization of electric energy go beyond the regional limits.

Transmission lines can be divided into overhead transmission lines and underground transmission lines according to their structural forms. The former consists of line towers, conductors and insulators, which are erected on the ground; The latter is mainly laid underground (or underwater) with cables. Transmission can be divided into DC transmission and AC transmission according to the nature of the transmitted current.

This process uses different types or overhead bare conductors such as AAC, AAAC, ACSR, etc.

Transformation process

In the power system, the power plant converts the natural primary energy into electric energy and sends power to the remote power users. In order to reduce the power loss on the transmission line and the line impedance voltage drop, it is necessary to increase the voltage; In order to meet the security needs of power users, the voltage should be reduced and distributed to each user, which requires a substation that can increase and decrease the voltage and distribute power. Therefore, the substation is an electrical device in the power system that converts voltage, receives and distributes electric energy through it. It is an intermediate link between the power plant and power users. At the same time, the power grid of various voltage levels is connected through the substation. The function of the substation is to transform voltage, transmit and distribute electric energy. The substation is composed of power transformer, power distribution device, secondary system and necessary auxiliary equipment.

The transformer is the central equipment of the substation, which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction.

This process uses different types of cables such as high voltage, medinum voltage and low voltage power cable, aerial bundled cable, electrical wires.

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