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Company News About Small method to prevent overhead cable failure(1)
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Small method to prevent overhead cable failure(1)

Latest company news about Small method to prevent overhead cable failure(1)

The commonly used methods of power cables and cables are mostly divided into underground direct burial or overhead. However, the small methods to prevent problems with overhead cables are as follows:

1. Do a good job of calculating the short-circuit current, correctly select and calibrate electrical equipment, and make the rated voltage of the electrical equipment consistent with the rated voltage of the line.

2. Correctly select the setting value of the relay protection and the rated current of the melt, and use a quick-break protection device to quickly cut off the short-circuit current when a short circuit occurs, reduce the duration of the short-circuit current, and reduce the losses caused by the short-circuit.
3. Install lightning rods in substations, and lightning arresters near transformers and on lines to reduce lightning damage.
4. Reactors are used to increase system impedance and limit short-circuit current.

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