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Company News About Small method to prevent overhead cable failure(2)
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Small method to prevent overhead cable failure(2)

Latest company news about Small method to prevent overhead cable failure(2)

5. Remove the faulty lines or equipment from the power system so that the rest can continue to operate.
6. It is prohibited to pull the knife switch with load or close the grounding knife switch with power. The grounding wire shall be removed immediately after the line construction. In addition, the line and its equipment shall be inspected regularly, and problems and failures shall be repaired and maintained in time.
7. Ensure the construction quality of overhead cable lines, strengthen line maintenance, and always keep the line sag consistent and comply with regulations.
8. During live installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, miswiring and misoperation shall be prevented, and measures to prevent short circuit shall be taken when working near the live parts.
9. Strengthen management to prevent small animals from entering the power distribution room and climbing on electrical equipment. Clean the adsorbed dust on the line in time to avoid the dust from entering the electrical equipment and ensure that the line is clean and tidy. For more cable product knowledge, please consult the Cable Treasure Platform.

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