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Company News About Some regulations for electrical cable exposion to moisture
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Some regulations for electrical cable exposion to moisture

Latest company news about Some regulations for electrical cable exposion to moisture

UNE 20460-3:1996 standard regulations about the cable usage under dverse environmental conditions, especially to what extent an electrical cable can be exposed to moisture.
AD1 grade: The cable can be used in which the walls do not generally show traces of water, but can appear in small periods, for example, in the form of steam and which dries quickly thanks to good ventilation.

AD2 grade: cables can be used under situlations in which the water vapour occasionally condenses in the form of water drops or when vapour may occasionally be present.

AD3 grade: Water droplets fall at an angle of more than 60º to the vertical, location in which water vapour appears as a continuous film on the walls and/or floors.

AD4 grade: Water jets in all directions, locating where the cable may be subject to water projections, for example, application to certain luminaires or cabinets installed outdoors.

AD5 grade: Water jets in any direction AD5, locating at where hoses are regularly used in the presence of water (patios, car washes).

AD6 grade: used in locations at the edge of the sea, such as beaches, docks, etc. There are possibility of water waves.

AD7 grade: Used in locations susceptible to flooding and/or where the water can reach a maximum of 150 mm above the highest point of the equipment, the lowest part of the equipment can be more than one metre below the surface of the water. Shortly, there is possibility of intermittent, partial or total flooding.

AD8 grade: Used in locations such as swimming pools, where the electrical equipment is completely covered with water and permanently subjected to a pressure of more than 1 bar. Surrounding environment has the possibility of permanent and total water flooding.

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