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Company News About Tips on storing wires and cables
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Tips on storing wires and cables

Latest company news about Tips on storing wires and cables

There are many types of wire and cable products, and their application range is very wide. If they are not stored properly, it will affect the life and safety of the cables, and even cause unnecessary disasters. Therefore, how to store them is an issue that needs attention.
1. When storing wires and cables, avoid water sources, and do not contact acids, alkalis and mineral oils. The outer skin of the wires is mostly plastic. Contact with corrosive liquids will cause the outer skin of the wires to swell, accelerate the damage of the outer skin and cause leakage, which is very dangerous.

2. Wires and cables cannot be exposed to the sun or in an ultra-high temperature environment for a long time, otherwise it will cause cracks or peeling on the outer sheath of the cable.

3. In the environment where wires and cables are stored, it is strictly forbidden to have gases that are harmful to cables, such as corrosive gases and flammable and explosive gases.

4. Wires and cables should be stored regularly, according to specifications and production time. The storage period is limited to the product's factory date, and generally should not exceed one and a half years.

5. Long-term storage of wires and cables will be affected by extrusion pressure, which may cause deformation of the sheath and cable. The cables should be rolled regularly. After rolling, the cables should be checked to see if they are intact to avoid damage that affects subsequent safe use. (Cable reels are not allowed to be laid flat)

6. The transportation of wires and cables is also the key to the storage and protection of wires. It is strictly forbidden to throw cable reels from high places during transportation, which may cause cracks in insulation and sheath, and damage the conductivity and mechanical properties of the cables.

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