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Company News About What kind of cables are used in photovoltaic power station?
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What kind of cables are used in photovoltaic power station?

Latest company news about What kind of cables are used in photovoltaic power station?

In the process of photovoltaic power station construction, in addition to the main equipment, such as photovoltaic modules, inverters, step-up transformers, the supporting connected photovoltaic cable materials also play a vital role in the overall profitability, operation safety, and efficiency of the photovoltaic power station. The following is a detailed introduction to the use and use environment of the common cables and materials in the photovoltaic power station.


According to the system of photovoltaic power station, cables can be divided into DC cables and AC cables, which are classified as follows according to different uses and environments:
1. DC cable
(1) Series cables between components.
(2) Parallel cables between strings and between strings and DC distribution box (junction box).
(3) Cable between DC distribution box and inverter.
The above cables are DC cables, which are laid outdoors. They need to be moisture-proof, sun proof, cold resistant, heat-resistant and UV resistant. In some special environments, they also need to be resistant to acid-base and other chemicals.
2. AC cable
(1) Connecting cable from inverter to step-up transformer.
(2) Connecting cable from step-up transformer to power distribution device.
(3) The connecting cable from the power distribution device to the power grid or users.
This part of the cable is AC load cable, laying more indoor environment, can be selected according to the general power cable selection requirements.


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