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Company News About what's the power cable
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what's the power cable

Latest company news about what's the power cable

Power cable is used to transmit and distribute electric energy. It is often used in underground power grid, power station outgoing line, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises and transmission line under river and sea.

In power lines, the proportion of cables is increasing gradually. Power cable is main line of power system to transmit and distribute high-power power power, including 1-500kv and above voltage levels and various insulation power cables.


The basic construction of power cable consists of four parts: core (conductor), insulation, ssreec and jacket .


The core is the conductive part of the power cable, which is used to transmit the electric energy, and is the main part of the power cable.


Insulation layer is an indispensable part of the structure of power cable, which separates the core from the earth and the cores of different phases in electrical field to ensure the transmission of electric energy.


The power cables with 15kV and above generally have conductor shielding layer and insulation shield layer.


The function of the protective layer is to protect the power cable from the invasion of external impurities and water, and to prevent the external forces directly damaging the power cable.

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