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Company News About Why Single core Armored Cable Should Use Non magnetic Materials?
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Why Single core Armored Cable Should Use Non magnetic Materials?

Latest company news about Why Single core Armored Cable Should Use Non magnetic Materials?

When a single core cable is started or stopped by alternating current or direct current, a corresponding alternating magnetic field will be generated around the cable, and an induced current will be generated in the metal material. This current flows inside the metal material, much like a vortex of water, so it is called eddy current, or eddy current for short. The thermal effect of eddy current can heat the metal materials in a short time. If the heat cannot be emitted in time, it will cause the cable insulation layer to melt or accelerate the aging, and the insulation performance will be weakened, thus causing cable breakdown.


The armored steel strip has good magnetic conductivity, which can be magnetized under a small magnetic field and generate eddy current. Non magnetic materials such as stainless steel tape, copper tape, aluminum tape or non-magnetic metal wire shall be used for armouring of single core cables.


In addition, it is better to lay single core cables in finished form during construction. Single core cables should avoid magnetic materials as far as possible, such as iron pipes, iron clamps, etc., which can form closed loop magnetic materials.


In addition, for a three core cable, the alternating magnetic fields generated by the three core phase relationship cancel each other, so that the sum of the induced current vectors is 0, and no magnetic force lines pass through the armor. Therefore, steel tape armouring can be used.

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