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Company News About Why use TR-XLPE insulated cable?
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Why use TR-XLPE insulated cable?

Latest company news about Why use TR-XLPE insulated cable?

Medium voltage power cables mostly use cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Ordinary cross-linked polyethylene insulation cables are damaged by mechanical stress or external forces during installation and operation, or the cables are operated for a long time in a humid and watery environment, which can cause external moisture to penetrate into the interior of the cables. The chance of forming water trees under the action of the electric field is greatly increased, and water trees are transformed into permanent electrical trees under the action of the electric field, Causing insulation breakdown in a relatively short period of time. Once the outer protective layer of the cable is damaged, water ingress into the cable can cause corrosion of the steel strip and copper strip, decrease the insulation performance, and greatly shorten the service life of the cable. Therefore, the industry recommends using water resistant cross-linked polyethylene cables.

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