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Company News About Wire and cable drawing process details
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Wire and cable drawing process details

Latest company news about Wire and cable drawing process details

The copper material always has a residual oxide film at the external temperature, and this oxide film is formed on the high-temperature, continuously cast copper rod when the copper wire enters the hot rod rolling stage.Oxide films are harmful because they cause many defects in the wire drawing process, such as excessive wear of the wire drawing film, poor solderability, and weak adhesion between enamel film and bare conductor.

Drawing die is an important tool for wire production, it is the key to realize normal continuous drawing and ensure the quality of drawn products.To make the drawline to obtain high quality stretch products, not only depends on the raw materials and the drawline die itself material, but also depends on the mold groove design and use of other conditions.At present, with the wide application of high-speed wire drawing machine, the use of wire drawing die plays an important role in the process of wire drawing.

In the actual production process of copper wire drawing, there are many kinds of wire drawing lubricants. Their performance varies greatly, which seriously affects the quality of wire rod. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of wire rod and save cost, it is particularly important to choose and use wire drawing lubricants reasonably and correctly.

To achieve the above purpose, requires the lube oil base stability, good emulsification, with excellent lubricity, cooling and cleaning, easy to put the copper powder filter with precipitation, always maintain the best in the whole process of lubrication state, so that can form a layer of thin film under high pressure without being destroyed, reduce the friction of work area, improve the quality of drawing.Different lubricants have different advantages and disadvantages, and their use time should be decided according to different characteristics.

The annealing of copper single wire is one of the important processes in the production of wire and cable. The electrical property, mechanical property and surface quality of the wire depend largely on the annealing process and production mode.

One of the important characteristics of metal plastic deformation is work hardening.With the increase of the degree of deformation, all the indexes in the deformation wave, such as yield limit, strength limit and hardness, increase, while the plasticity indexes, such as elongation rate and section reduction rate, also increase the resistance and decrease the thermal conductivity.This will have a bad effect on the drawing.

A cable is a mechanical operation that takes advantage of the plasticity of the material.Machinery used for this purpose may be direct or accumulation, this machine is called wire drawing machine or wire drawing machines, it includes a series of fixed anchor mold, placed between each thread die carrier to make the wire to keep certain tension, wire drawing machine to pull the wire pull mode, the final drawing operation is controlled by a pull force applied behind the mold to complete, after the coil through the wire received.

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